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Liberal attitudes towards sex in Germany (prostitution is fully legal there) have lead to a thriving porn industry and an impressive output of homemade pornography. Outside of the United States, you’ll not find a country generating more pornographic content with Caucasian women. German porn also features some of the more extreme content you’ll ever see.

Whether you’re looking for some freaky adult entertainment in a way only they can provide, or just looking for some blond-haired blue-eyed hotties, we’ve got you covered for sexy German ladies. At Pornius, we pride ourselves on our incredible collection of Deutschland babes, and we’re only too happy to offer these videos to you absolutely free. These women have kinks that are out of this world, so we hope you’re ready for some exotic lovin’. Even better, they’re ready to offer you a fine brew at a local beer garden to get you in the mood for a night of stern but tender fucking and sucking. It doesn’t take an Einstein (yes, spoke German if you didn’t know) to realize what a great offer this is. They don’t half-ass anything from engineering to opera, so don’t be surprised when their incredible sex skills blow your mind and open a whole new world of hotness.