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Vintage porn is generally anything that was produced in the 1980s and earlier. The production values were generally higher, including movies that were made to be released in theaters and starred some of the most notable pornstars in the history of the medium. Full length movies are common in this niche and come from countries all around the world.

When porn videos first started circulating, the style was of course very different than it is now. Both guys and girls looked more natural and less done up, and even the fucking seemed more intense and raw. Thankfully, all those videos have been uploaded on to Pornius.com. If vintage porn is what you miss , then look no further because you’ve come to the right place! In these sexy clips, the ladies keep their pussies all natural and somehow that’s hot all on its own. But they are just as horny for cock as you would imagine, and are all too happy when a hairy dude with his big tool gives it to them hardcore. Imagine how hot a scene becomes when you take away all the modern trappings of toys, complicated scenarios and a bunch of cameras. All you have is one camera focusing on two people fucking each others’ brains out with no outside help. That’s the beauty of vintage porn and why so many people still crave it.